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Hamilton School

Hamilton Early Learning Center is a school in the Powell-Poage-Hamilton neighborhood, just a few blocks north of Gundersen's La Crosse campus. Global Partners is beginning a new pilot partnership with Hamilton in January 2017 to provide mentors for students who need additional academic and social support and guidance.

In addition to recruiting individual mentors, Global Partners will be facilitating departments who wish to "adopt-a-classroom" at Hamilton and provide a combination of financial, material and human resources throughout the school year.

Why focus on education?

Education is strongly linked with health. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, "people with more education are likely to live longer, to experience better health outcomes, and to practice health-promoting behaviors."

Research shows that mentored youth do significantly better than non-mentored youth on a number of important outcomes, including fewer depressive symptoms, greater acceptance by their peers, more positive beliefs about their ability to succeed in school, and better grades in school (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2007).

Through the generosity of volunteers and donors, we invest time and resources in the education of youth to help them become healthy adults… including those in our own community.

Learn how you can get involved:

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