Orthotics Technology

 Foot being scanned to create a custom orthotic.
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A properly designed orthotic device can mean better mobility and an improved lifestyle for patients with disabilities and traumatic injuries. Thanks to state of the art technology, Gundersen Lutheran Orthotics Clinic is able to provide these custom-fabricated orthotic devices in less time and with greater convenience for patients.

Gundersen Lutheran board certified orthotists use Computer Assisted Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM). This technology offers many benefits for patients over the traditional plaster mold method.

CAD/CAM uses digital scanning technology to capture an image of the patient’s affected limb. Instead of a messy, 30 minute plaster of Paris procedure the digital scan takes only 30 seconds.

The time savings isn’t just in creating the mold. Delivery time of a custom device is also improved. Instead of working a plaster mold with hand tools, our orthotists are able to manipulate a computer generated digital image. The result is a significant reduction in manufacturing time, with improved delivery times for custom devices.

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