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Comprehensive variety of custom orthotic devices from head to toe

State-of-the-art technology allows Gundersen Lutheran Orthotics to provide custom orthotic devices in less time and at greater convenience to the patients. Some of the orthoses available include:

Lower extremities orthoses

Custom copolymer, articulated Custom copolymer, articulated  Custom copolymer, articulated 
  DynamicWalk orthosis 'ToeOff' AFO orthosis
Custom copolymer, nonarticulated  Dynamic Walk carbon fiber AFO  ToeOff carbon fiber AFO 
  SoftPro AFO Stance control KAFOs orthosis
RGO  Pressure Relief (PRAFO)  Custom copoly KAFO with bail lock knee and articulated ankle 
Knee brace     
OA knee orthosis with adjustable varus/valgus control     

Spinal Supports

Spinal Orthosis  Spinal Orthosis  Spinal Orthosis
VertAlign TLSO for fracture management or
post-op immobilization
Cybertech Premium Plus LSO for state-of-the-art
pain management
Vista cervical collar 
Spinal Orthosis Charleston Bending Brace  
Jewett brace   Charleston Bending Brace for nocturnal treatment of scoliosis  

Not pictured
Upper extremity devices for a variety of diagnoses 

Other Gundersen Lutheran exclusives include: 

  • Smart Walker
  • SureStep pediatric foot orthoses
  • ‘WalkAide’ functional e-stim device 
  • StarBand remolding helmet
  • Cranial helmets for plagiocephaly, trauma, and post-op

An orthotist is always available to discuss your patient and make an orthotic recommendation at (608) 775-2379.

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