Custom orthotic device constructed at Gundersen Lutheran.
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Gundersen Orthotics has board certified orthotists to evaluate patients with all types of disabilities and traumatic injuries. They provide the highest quality of orthotic care to ensure patients the ultimate in support, mobility, and protection to perform their daily activities.

The Orthotics Clinic staff use state of the art CAD/CAM technology to provide patients with custom-fabricated orthotic devices. These devices offer many benefits including:

  • Enhanced function and mobility
  • Pain relief
  • Post-op immobilization
  • Stabilization of traumatic fractures of the spine and extremities. 

Among their comprehensive array of orthoses are:

  • OA knee orthoses for arthritic pain management
  • TLSOs and LSOs for scoliosis, trauma, and post-op
  • All lower extremities orthoses, including the DynamicWalk and ‘ToeOff ’ AFOs and stance control KAFOs (foot orthotics are provided by Gundersen Podiatric Medicine)
  • Spinal supports for pain management, including the Veralign, CASH and the new Cybertech Premium Plus
  • Cranial helmets for plagiocephaly, trauma, and post-op
  • Upper extremity devices for a variety of diagnoses
  • Other area exclusives including:
    • ‘WalkAide’ functional e-stim device
    • Smart Walker
    • SureStep pediatric foot orthoses
    • StarBand remolding helmet
    • Charleston Bending Brace for nocturnal treatment of scoliosis

To refer a patient to either the La Crosse or Onalaska Orthotics Clinic, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or podiatrists can give their order by calling (608) 775-2379. A written prescription can then be faxed to (608) 775-6723 or delivered. 

Outreach is available for patients who cannot be safely transported to Gundersen Health System in La Crosse.

An orthotist is always available to discuss your patient and make an orthotic recommendation at (608) 775-2379.

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