TESTING AREA: Referral (Mayo)

Days Tested: Wednesday and Friday at 5pm
Analytic Time: 1 - 7 days


  • Preferred: Dark Blue No Additive Tube (Red Label on Tube)
  • Acceptable: N/A
  • Volume: 7 mLs Blood
  • Min Volume: 1.5 mL Blood

Specimen Type Preferred: Dark Blue No Additive Serum

  • Preferred: 2°-8°C, 7 days 
  • Acceptable: -10° to -30°C, 7 days; 20°-26°C, 7 days

Acceptable Specimen: N/A

Volume: 1.2 mLs

Min. Volume: 0.3 mL

Transport (Submission) Container: Metal Free Plastic Vial from Mayo

Special Instructions:

  1. Allow to clot for 30 minutes
  2. Centrifuge and pour over serum to the metal free vial avoiding transfer of cellular components of the blood. Double spin if needed and pour over again to the metal free vial.
  3. DO NOT insert pipette into serum to accomplish transfer and DO NOT ream the specimen with a wooden stick to assist with the serum transfer.

Reject Due To:

  • Hemolysis: Mild ok; Gross ok
  • Lipemia: Mild ok; Gross ok
  • Icterus: Mild OK, Gross reject 
  • Other: N/A 
  • Thawing: Warm ok; Cold ok

Specimen Retention Time: 7 days at Mayo

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