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Infection Control Survival Skills for the Front-line Healthcare Worker

Archived online training

Audience: Infection control liaisons or our infection control partners on the front-lines of healthcare

Goal: Increase the learner's knowledge of the foundations of infection prevention or control on the front-lines of the healthcare setting.

Program Objectives: Apply the foundations of infection prevention or control at the patient’s bedside to eliminate healthcare associated infections in the healthcare setting.

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Session TitleContact Hours
Preventing Transmission of Communicable Diseases in Healthcare Settings  2.0
Sanitation – Lethal Removal Of Invading Microorganisms In Our Environment  0.75
Specimen Collection – Resisting the Garbage In - Garbage Out Phenomenon  0.75
Lunch Break   
Basic Asepsis – Holding the Defensive Line against Invading Forces  1.5
Outside Forces Supporting Our Mission to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)   0.75
Recognizing Outbreaks:  The Attempted Takeover of Microorganisms  0.5
Creatures Among Us 0.5
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