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Certification Review Blitz for Infection Preventionists

Style: Online training program only. 

Audience: Certification review for infection preventionist or infection control professionals considering certification in infection prevention and control.

Goal: This program will provide a rapid-fire recall of known concepts by an experienced infection preventionist or infection control professional planning to become certified in infection prevent and control in the near future.

Program Objective: Recall key concepts or standard practices in infection prevention or control that would be known by most competent professionals in this field.

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Session TitlesContact Hours
Exam Taking Skills 0.5
Interpreting Lab Results 0.5
Antibiotics – Prophylaxis, Treatment and Stewardship 0.5
Design of Surveillance Systems 0.5
Collection and Compilation of Surveillance Data 0.5
Interpretation of Surveillance Data 0.5
Outbreak Investigation 0.5
Biologic Threats 0.5
Isolation 0.5
Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization 0.5
Construction, Renovation, Ventilation 0.5
Employee Health 0.5
Costs Analysis 0.5
Education 0.5
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