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Spleen Size Measurements

SUBJECT: Spleen Size Measurements

SECTION: Radiology Ultrasound


REVIEW DATE: September 13, 2013

Purpose: To provide direction in the measurement of spleen size, splenic volume, and splenic weight.

Policy: The spleen is to be measured in the longitudinal and transverse dimensions. The longitudinal measurement is usually taken in the coronal sagittal view. Splenomegaly is considered when the splenic length is greater than 14 cm. and the transverse measurement is greater than 8 cm. The spleen should be measured as per the drawings below. The sonographer will include the splenic volume and weight in the sonographer notes.

  • Splenic volume (cm3) = length x width x thickness x 0.52.
  • Splenic weight (grams) = length x width x thickness x 0.43.
  • Increased spleen size:
    • > 314 cm3
    • > 180 grams in females
    • > 200 grams in males
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