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Soft Tissue Neck


ROUTINES: AP and Lateral of the neck--upright or supine. (We can only charge for a 1 view).




IMAGING PLATE: 10x12 CR cassette

CENTRAL RAY: Perpendicular to the film entering the neck at the level of the thyroid cartilage. Include the entire nasal passage.


  • If a child has epiglottitis, placing them in the supine position may cause obstruction so the technologist should find out whether epiglottitis is a concern.
  • Patients suspected of epiglottitis:
    1. Film in upright position, assuming they can sit.
    2. Chin should be elevated, if possible.
    3. If the ordering physician or radiologist does not see epiglottitis on the upright film, but desires a better quality film, then a supine film can be obtained as below.
  • Patients not suspected of epiglottitis:
    1. All infants should be done in the supine position. A bolster may be needed behind their shoulders to obtain an extended neck position. If possible, toddlers & older can be done upright. If this cannot be tolerated, a supine film may be taken.
    2. The chin should be up.
    3. The shoulders should be pulled down.
    4. The films should be taken during an inspiration.
    5. Maximum KVP should be 60 KVP.
    6. Patient should be mummy wrapped, sandbag on legs.

Updated 10/29/2009

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