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Right Upper Quadrant

Radiology Ultrasound

Reviewed: September 12, 2013

  • Transverse Pancreas – two images to include head, uncinate process, body, and tail. 
  • Long distal aorta with measurement. 
  • *Transverse liver with all hepatic veins: take more than one image if necessary to be sure all three hepatic veins are imaged. 
  • *Transverse image of the liver with the portal vein. 
  • *Longitudinal liver with images to include: 
    • left lobe of liver with prox. aorta 
    • left lobe of liver with left portal vein
    • liver with IVC labeled
    • right lobe of liver with right portal vein
    • right lobe of liver / right kidney interface
  • Main portal vein with color Doppler as it enters the liver demonstrating the direction of blood flow (into or out of the liver). 
  • Longitudinal right kidney with maximum renal length measured. 
  • Gallbladder: at least three images to include long and transverse supine and long LLD. 
  • Color Doppler image of the gallbladder wall if the wall is thickened. 
  • Long CHD – one image with internal diameter measurement. 
  • Long CBD – one image with internal diameter measurement.

*When the indication for the exam is surveillance for HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma) a cine clip through the RT and LT lobes of the liver should be recorded. This may be performed in either transverse or longitudinal orientation – the method that provides the best documentation.

This represents the normal RUQ ultrasound. Additional images may be necessary for proper documentation.

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