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Pediatric Trauma Series


ROUTINE: See views below.




IMAGING PLATE: Use appropriate size CR cassettes


  1. Perpendicular to the film centered on appropriate part.


  1. Up to 12 months an entire extremity can be done on one film, beyond 12 Months, all extremities must be done as individual films: AP humerus, AP forearm, AP Femur, AP Tibia/Fibula.
  2. Very important to get marker on film and visualized on appropriate side.

The Dept of Radiology has established a protocol for radiographic evaluation of a child suspected of possible physical abuse. This protocol has been established after consultation with several children’s hospitals throughout the country. A specific CPT code has been established for this series and the cost will be approx. $220.

Views Taken

  1. AP and lateral Skull
  2. PA Chest
  3. KUB
  4. Lateral Cervical Spine
  5. Lateral Thoracolumbar Spine
  6. PA Right and Left Hands
  7. AP Right and Left Feet
  8. AP Right and Left Humerus
  9. AP Right and Left Forearm
  10. AP Right and Left Femur
  11. AP Right and Left Tibia/Fibula

Updated 3/9/2009

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