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Headwork Routines

FACIAL BONES: PA Waters, Caldwell, Lateral & Modified Waters.

MANDIBLE: Towne, PA, Bilateral Obliques (best visualized on Panorex, if possible).

MASTOIDS: Towne, Schullers & Chasse III.

MAXILLAE: Facial Bones Routine.

NASAL BONES: Waters & Both Laterals.

OPTIC FORAMINA: Bilateral Rhese.

ORBITS: Waters, True Caldwell & Lateral of affected side.

PETROUS RIDGES: Stenvers & AP Towne.

SELLA TURCIA: Lateral Skull.

SINUS: PA Waters, Caldwell & Lateral.

SKULL: PA, AP Towne, Left Lateral & SMV.

  • For trauma: AP, AP Towne and both Laterals done crosstable.

TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINTS (TMJ’s): Open mouth Towne, Open & Closed Mouth Laterals w/ 25-30° angle entering 1” anterior & 2” superior to the upside EAM.

ZYGOMATIC ARCHES: Water’s, Towne, SMV (Basal) & Oblique Axial Bilaterally.

  • Oblique Axial: Position head as you would an SMV. Turn head 15° toward side of interest. Then tilt head to bring mid-sagittal plane 15° toward side to be examined. CR at zygomatic arch of interest.
  • AP Axial (Modified Towne): Angle CR 30° caudal. Bring OML perpendicular to the film. Center 1” superior to the glabella.
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