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ROUTINES: AP, Lateral Oblique & Lateral.

  • All views should be done weight bearing at the Main Clinic, East Building, Onalaska, and Sports Medicine unless the patient can’t stand due to injury or condition. 
  • Feet done at the Regional Clinics will continue to be done non-weight bearing if wt bearing boxes are not available.
  • TEC and Urgent Care patients will be done non-weight bearing.
  • Patients 10 years old and under should be done non-weight bearing.
  • Orthopedic doctors will indicate if they want wt bearing films or not.




IMAGING PLATE: 10x12 CR cassette


  1. AP: 10° angle toward the heel centered at the base of the 3rd metatarsal.
  2. Lateral Oblique: 45° lateral tube angle centered 1” medial to the base of the 5th metatarsal if done wt-bearing or the foot oblique 45°, if done non wt-bearing.
  3. Lateral: Perpendicular to the base of the 5th metatarsal.


  1. Trauma and Pt. unable to stand: Do AP, Oblique (oblique the foot—no tube angle), and Lateral Non Wt bearing. Include ankle on Lateral view of foot with CR over the foot. On the Lateral view, the foot should be dorsi-flexed. 
  2. Weight bearing foot-pt cannot stand on the cassette-must use wt bearing box for standing feet. If your clinic does not have a wt bearing box, do non-wt bearing views on the table.
  3. Podiatry doctors may order medial obliques in addition to or instead of lateral obliques.

Updated 04/06/2010

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