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SUBJECT: Appendix Sonography
SECTION: Radiology Ultrasound
REVIEW DATE: September 13, 2013

APPROVED BY: Jody Riherd MD, Dave Clayton RDMS RVT

Imaging Protocol:

  1. Cecum long axis; attempt to see the ileocecal valve (where small bowel joins cecum)
  2. Cecum cineclip (scan through the tip)

If the appendix is seen:

  1. Appendix long axis
  2. Appendix long axis with color Doppler
  3. Appendix short axis without compression
  4. Appendix short axis with color Doppler
  5. Appendix short axis with compression
  6. Appendix cineclip (nonperistalsis, with and without compression)

If the appendix is not seen:

  1. Transverse image of RT iliac vessels
  2. Longitudinal image of RT iliac vessels
  3. RT ovary in female patients
  4. RLQ gutter to look for free fluid
  5. Cineclip of RT pelvis to demonstrate small bowel peristalsis
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