Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions about infertility

  • What is infertility?
  • What causes infertility?
  • How common is infertility?
  • When should a couple be evaluated for fertility problems?
  • What causes infertility in women?
  • What things can increase a woman's risk of infertility?
  • What causes infertility in men?
  • What things increase a man's risk of infertility?
  • What type of testing will be performed to evaluate my fertility?
  • How do doctors treat infertility?
  • What is timed intercourse?
  • What is intrauterine insemination?
  • What is in vitro fertilization?

Clinic frequently asked questions

  • Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire before I make an initial appointment?
  • Why do you need my other clinic or hospital information before I make an appointment?
  • Does my partner have to come to the first appointment?
  • How long is the new patient appointment?
  • What are the earliest and latest available times to schedule a new patient visit?
  • What is the cost of the initial consultation?
  • Will insurance cover any of this?
  • What does the first visit entail?
  • If I have my menstrual cycle with my first appointment, can I get started right away?
  • Do I have to repeat tests that have already been done?
  • How often do I have to come in for appointments?
  • Are there any appointments or tests that I can do close to home so I don’t have to keep making the drive?
  • What are the earliest and latest available times to schedule a semen analysis?
  • What are the chances that a tubal ligation reversal will be successful?
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