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Lindsay Schmidt

Video courtesy of WXOW Channel 19.

A 2012-13 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® hero
It was more than 10 years ago, but for Lindsay Schmidt’s mom, Marcy Lund, the memories are still vivid and raw.

“Lindsay was born 13½ weeks early, weighing just 2 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring less than 15 inches long. She appeared even smaller inside the life-support unit, surrounded by all those tubes, wires and monitors,” Marcy recalls. “It was touch and go in the early days. Lindsay spent 77 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Gundersen Health System. Those were the longest 77 days of our lives.”

While hospitalized, Lindsay needed countless procedures, blood transfusions, supplemental oxygen and a lot of time. In addition, Lindsay had eye surgery on both eyes when she was 4 years old. “The doctors and nurses at Gundersen were absolute angels and helped so much to get us through the daily ups and downs,” Marcy says.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals was also there from the beginning. CMN Hospitals staff came to see Marcy and Lindsay’s father, Jim Schmidt, in the NICU to explain who they were and how they might help.

“CMN Hospitals has done so much for Lindsay and our family. Their support helped to finance the equipment used to help Lindsay breathe and keep her alive. They also helped with meals and accommodations so we were able to stay at the hospital, close to Lindsay, as she fought to live.”

Today, Lindsay is excited and proud to be a CMN Hospitals hero. She wants to pay it forward and raise money to help other preterm babies. Giving her time and energy to the cause isn’t new to Lindsay. She enjoys helping at Crescent Printing’s annual golf outing that benefits CMN Hospitals. She even showed great courage (as any hero would) to stand before a crowd of people and share her story. Good practice for the future, because Lindsay plans to stand before a classroom of students and teach someday.

To look at Lindsay now—a healthy and vibrant 5th graders—it’s hard for most people to image her as that tiny, premature infant clinging to life. “Lindsay is truly an absolute miracle in every sense of the word,” says Marcy. “She beat all odds and appears to have a promising, wonderful future. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for her.” 

And in another 10 years, when Lindsay is grown and well on her way to realizing her dream of becoming a teacher, her future is sure to shine so brightly as to vanquish the anxieties, if not the memories, of those early days.
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