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Delainey Hayden

Like a lot of little girls, 2-year-old Delainey Hayden loves the colors pink and purple and watching "My Little Pony" on television. Unlike other little girls her age, Delainey is a survivor. Delainey – and by the strength of her Sparta, Wis., family – is beating Synovial Cell Sarcoma, a cancer rare in someone who is just a toddler.

In early August of 2012, Shianne and Adam Hayden found a large lump on Delainey's left forearm. In just two weeks she braved banks of tests and examinations from surgeons and oncologists. Soon, the family was told that Delainey's tumor was malignant.

Delainey suffered from Synovial Cell Sarcoma. She had successful surgery to remove the tumor but the family next learned that cancer cells still lived in their little girl's arm.

As with other cancers, there was a price to pay. For Delainey, cancer claimed her left forearm. There were two treatment options: radiation or amputation. Amputation gave Delainey the best chance of getting rid of the malignancy for good.

As she grows and learns, the irrepressible girl is choosing her own path. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®, a service of Gundersen Medical Foundation, has helped her on her way. Delainey's mother, Shianne, recalls making trip after trip far from home and how that weighed on the family.

"Children's Miracle Network Hospitals has graciously helped us with travel expenses," says Delainey's mom, Shianne. "CMN also helped with the cost of Delainey's therapy afterwards."

Delainey is adapting fast, at a speed at which only young children can adjust to change. She even named her hot pink and sparkles prosthetic forearm "Kitty Arm," after the black felines which grace its surface.

She has stayed cancer-free and is independent, priding herself on doing things on her own.

Delainey loves attending her preschool, horses, Barbie movies and dolls. She loves being around her brothers and sisters, is a snuggler and "gives the best hugs!" She is an inspiration and has taught people she meets the power of faith, prayer and love.

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