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Abel Boettcher

Video courtesy of WXOW Channel 19.

A 2012-13 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® hero
When Abel Boettcher was born, his dad Shane dreamt of his son growing up strong, healthy, maybe playing sports and sharing his love of the outdoors. After all, he was “Daddy’s boy.” But when Abel was just 10 days old, those dreams were put on hold when Abel suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage.

Abel was quickly airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield from near their home in Altoona, Wis. There, Abel remained for three months with Shane and mom, Rebecca, often at his side. After suffering multiple strokes, pressure from fluid on his brain and multiple surgeries, the prognosis wasn’t good.

“Although it didn’t look good, we knew God would heal him,” recalls the Boettchers. “We prayed for him and had many people praying with us and supporting us.”

Among the many supporters was Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In our Tri-state region, CMN Hospitals is a service of Gundersen Medical Foundation. But support is given to children and their family no matter the nature of their illness or where they receive their care.

“We have been blessed to have the support of CMN Hospitals in our lives. They have helped us with mileage to travel back and forth for Abel’s many doctor appointments. With their help we’ve been able to purchase toys and tools that have helped him learn to sit up, crawl, stand and walk, like his Little Tykes basketball hoop and LeapFrog shopping cart,” Shane and Rebecca explain.

“Today, Abel is proving to be a true miracle boy. He is very smart. Physically he is doing great and has made so much progress. Although he still has some weakness on his left side and requires braces on his feet and legs, he’s walking, running and jumping like other boys,” they add proudly.

According to his parents, Abel is a very loving and happy boy. He likes spending time with brothers Grady and Owen, wrestling with his dad, reading books with his parents, playing and listening to music, watching VeggieTales and visiting the Children’s Museum.

Once again Abel’s parents dare to dream of a healthy, promising future for Abel. Shane happily reports that Abel is “all boy”—a kid who loves sports including baseball, soccer, bowling, swimming, football and basketball. Abel also loves the outdoors where he likes to go exploring and camping.

The Boettcher are very grateful saying, “We love to share Abel’s story of hope and inspiration whenever we go and thank all those who helped us and prayed for us.” 
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