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Holiday Cards

100% of sales will be donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® to help local kids and families.

Card packages are now available and cost $8 each and include 20 cards, envelopes and seals. Cards are available at:

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Empire Screen Printing has generously donated their time and materials so all the money raised by the sale of these holiday cards goes to support CMN Hospitals locally.

About the Artist

Braden Ball designer of the 2015 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Holiday Card, is a 16 year old from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. His motivation for the cardinal holiday card came from his joy of bird watching. When recovering from surgeries and unable to walk his mom put bird feeders outside his window and he loved watching the crimson-colored cardinals in the snow. Braden’s motive for the orange mittens is his favorite color, orange. He believes that winter needs added warmth for the hands and eyes.

Braden is a freshman at Prairie du Chien High School this year and enjoys all of the new challenges it brings. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has purchased Braden a recumbent bike for rehabilitation, a memory foam mattress, helped with travel expenses, and given food vouchers. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals also gave Braden an adaptive bike when he was younger. Braden would like to be a physical therapist or invent video games.

Braden has an undiagnosed genetic disease with a variety of individual sub-diagnoses. Some of these include: gastrostomy tube in place, low bone density, chronic static encephalopathy, malignant hyperthermia, GERD, tic disorder, bi-lateral femoral & tibial osteotomies. Braden is honored to be able to help raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals because Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has always been there to help him.

By buying and sharing CMN Hospitals holiday cards you're helping kids like Braden Ball.

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