Cancer Awards & Accreditation

Gundersen Health System Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders offers the same leading-edge care as other major cancer centers across the country. The Center has built a reputation for proven quality, high patient satisfaction, expert specialists, superior technical support, sophisticated treatments and state-of-the-art technology. But don’t just take our word for that.

Gundersen's Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders is among a premier group of hematology-oncology practices in the nation recognized for meeting the highest standards for quality cancer care. This is evidenced through our reaccreditation by the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) Certification Program, an affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Gundersen first attained QOPI certification in July 2010—and was among the first practices in the nation to be recognized. Our commitment to excellence and quality improvement in cancer care continues.

The American College of Surgeons awarded Gundersen an Outstanding Achievement Award from its Commission on Cancer (CoC). Gundersen ranks at the high end of an already select group of facilities offering state-of-the-art cancer care.

The CoC sets standards for cancer care facilities, evaluates their resources and quality of care, and studies patterns of patient care and outcomes.

As an Active Institutional Member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC), Gundersen supports association efforts to promote the continuum of quality cancer care: research, prevention, screening, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, psycho-social services, rehabilitation and hospice.

Gundersen Radiation Oncology, a proven leader in this discipline, has been accredited since 2002 by the American College of Radiology.  ACR accreditation hallmarks quality of care for physicians and patients choosing the right place for radiation therapy, an integral part of state-of-the-art cancer care. Gundersen's radiation therapy team ranks with the best in the country for its approach to care emphasizing quality assurance and quality improvement programs as well as patient satisfaction.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has selected Gundersen to continue participation in its national network of community cancer centers. A member of the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP) since 2010, Gundersen was awarded $800,000 in 2012 to fund participation in the NCCCP network for the next two years.

With a major focus on reducing cancer healthcare disparities, Gundersen will continue its efforts to improve access to the latest, evidence-based cancer care close to where patients live. For a variety of reasons, many cancer patients cannot commute to major academic medical centers for treatment. In fact, 85 percent of patients are diagnosed, and receive at least their first course of treatment, at a community hospital.

For a list of all sites in the NCCCP network or for more information on the program, visit

Gundersen has been chosen by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to be part of a network of cancer centers with local access to state-of-the-art clinical trials for cancer prevention and treatment—the only site chosen in 2011.

Gundersen will receive about $1.7 million over the next three years, as part of the Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP), to provide patients in our three-state service area with access to NCI-sponsored cancer treatment and control (prevention and symptom management) trials close to home.

Community Clinical Oncology Program The CCOP is a collaboration of dedicated researchers, cancer centers and community physicians who give their time and energy to provide all aspects of care for cancer patients and their families, as well as for those at risk of developing cancer. The program is geared toward organizations that can accrue at least 50 patients to NCI treatment trials and 50 participants to NCI cancer control trials annually.

CCOP reviewers were impressed with the fact that Gundersen has:

  • Many full-time staff devoted solely to research, despite the size of our community
  • Continued and sustained improvements in clinical trial accrual
  • A strong commitment to increasing community awareness and funds for research through events such as Steppin’ Out in Pink
  • A knowledgeable, well-trained principal investigator
  • Been a member of NCCCP since 2010, with extensive outreach plans in place to help both rural and underserved urban populations

This CCOP grant complements our NCCCP award and should really boost our accrual among the underserved populations we have been focusing on. Learn more about CCOP.

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