Prescription Industrial Eyewear

At Gundersen Health System, our ophthalmologists and optometrists are leaders in the field of eyecare, providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive services available anywhere.

Gundersen Eye Clinics are conveniently located in several communities throughout the tri-state region. In addition, our Industrial Eyewear program can also be accessed at additional affiliate offices that are Gundersen safety program providers. Click here to see Gundersen Eye Clinic locations.

Eyewear in the workplace

Through a partnership with Soderberg Ophthalmic Services, Gundersen is able to offer the finest in safety eyewear. All products exceed the ANSI Z87.1 requirements for eyewear in the workplace, ensuring compliance with your liability insurance carrier and OSHA.

Each prescription order is processed in a full service Soderberg laboratory, utilizing the latest in manufacturing equipment and technology. The staff at Gundersen Eye Clinics are highly skilled and trained in measuring, ordering, verification and subsequent dispensing of your industrial eyewear.

Pricing and special discounts

Employers accessing services through the Industrial Eyewear Program qualify for wholesale pricing on lenses and frames. Additionally, all company employees, and their family members, are eligible to receive a $25 discount on dress eyewear purchased at Gundersen Eye Clinics and participating affiliate vision centers.

Polycarbonate Lens Statement

It is the policy of Gundersen Ophthalmic Services to supply Polycarbonate lenses for all orders, unless Polycarbonate lenses are specifically declined by the customer.

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