Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employees who work in transportation must comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing policies. Other employers may not be required to have drug and alcohol testing, but choose to do it to keep a drug-free workplace. Gundersen Health System's Occupational Health Services has the highest standard drug and alcohol testing to help employers with Drug-Free Workplace Program management.

Occupational Health Services can provide a drug testing program to meet the needs of any workplace. Companies can choose the services that meet their needs and even tie the services into other programs they offer. Occupational Health Services also has the certifications to comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements.

As required by the DOT, Occupational Health Services provides specimen collection by Certified Professional Collectors. They also test the specimens using certified laboratory services. All positive samples go through a medical review by on staff certified medical review officers.

Most non-DOT regulated companies use drug and alcohol testing for pre-employment, post accident or for reasonable suspicion. Occupational Health Services also offers services to manage random drug testing.

Other benefits of Occupational Health Services drug and alcohol management program include:

  • Validity testing to guarantee the sample has not been tampered and is a valid sample
  • Rapid result drug screening
  • Breath alcohol testing provided by certified technicians
  • Electronic result reporting
  • Policy and regulatory support as well as administrative materials
  • Random selection program administration
  • Summary reports provided at the end of the year
  • EAP & SAP support for post-positive results
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