Breast cancer survivor, Sue FoxIn 2007, I was chosen to be a “Steppin’ Out in Pink” advocate, which was an honor. I had prayed that my story would encourage others to get mammograms, practice monthly breast care and if they have a concern speak to their doctor right away. Now that my treatment is complete and everything is going well, I have realized how important women’s health issues are.

We have been given this one life to live; we need to take care of the body that we have. Everything from good nutrition, exercise and routine health checks are important for us to maintain healthy lifestyles. Sometimes as women we put things off because we are busy with our families, jobs and many other activities. We need to take time to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves, to enable us to handle our busy lives, and meet the needs of the people around us. My cancer experience changed many things in my life: I eat healthier, exercise every day and will never miss a routine exam or test. If I think something is just not right with my body, I pursue it with my doctors right away.

In 2006, I was unable to finish the first “Steppin’ Out in Pink” walk because I was in active treatment. In 2007, I celebrated when we crossed the finish line; I still keep that five-mile sticker on my dresser to remind me of the day. This year I will be there to walk with family, friends and co-workers. Hopefully my story did encourage others to get their mammograms and practice monthly breast care, but now I want to encourage everyone to have healthy lifestyles. What better way than joining the “Steppin’ Out in Pink” walks! You will be encouraged by everyone there, and YOU will be an encouragement to the breast cancer patients and survivors!

There are many cancer stories, and mine isn’t that extraordinary; but I asked God to use me as His messenger. If I have helped someone on their journey or encouraged someone, then the glory goes to Him!

Sue Fox

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