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The Gundersen Foundation BioBank is a tissue repository established in 2008 to collect and analyze biospecimens. It is funded by the Gundersen Medical Foundation.

The BioBank currently houses biospecimens collected from over 10,000 cancer patients. All biospecimens are linked to de-identified pathology and clinical reports. Biospecimens are available to collaborating academic scientists free of charge, and to industrial partners on a fee-for-service basis. The BioBank is a member of the Tissue Source Site for The Cancer Genome Atlas program.

The BioBank is composed of four arms:

  1. Archival formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor tissue
  2. Minimally ischemic fresh biospecimens
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Research collaborations

These arms are interlinked in three dynamic phases of “Acquisition”, “Processing” and “Utilization”. The final phase of “Utilization” involves local, national and international research collaborations. Below is a schematic representation of the BioBank's interconnected dynamic flow.

Schematic representation of the BioBank's interconnected dynamic flow

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