Specialized Care Unit

Offering care for those with special healthcare needs
Gundersen’s Behavioral Health building includes a four-bed unit exclusively for seniors and patients with mobility or specialized medical needs. Features in this unit include:
  • Larger, ADA-compliant bathrooms within patient rooms.
  • A “tub room” that includes a step-in tub for patients who need assistance.
  • Medical gas hook-ups in patient rooms for those with oxygen or other medical needs.

Did you know…
Mental illness affects millions of older Americans, some of whom experienced depression or other mental health episodes earlier in life.

  • Between 5.5 and 8 million elderly Americans have at least one mental health or substance abuse issue, the most common being depression and dementia.
  • Suicide rates are highest in older adults: 20% of the population and 40% of suicide victims are over 60. After age 75, the rate is three times higher than average.

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