sick of all the pills? Is weight-loss surgery right for you?

Getting Started

The decision to have weight loss surgery can be difficult and the process may be long and sometimes frustrating. What follows is a brief summary of each step in the process.

  1. Informational Seminar.
    Attending our free informational seminar is mandatory for anyone considering weight loss surgery. Our seminars are designed to educate you about the potential risks and benefits of weight loss surgery. This seminar is not a "sales pitch" and we go to great lengths to provide you with objective information to help you make an informed choice about your health. To register, please call (608) 775-0055.
  2. Patient Information Packet.
    At the end of the informational seminar, you will be given an opportunity to make an appointment for an initial consultation with the Bariatric Team. You will also be given an information packet to be completed and returned or brought with you on the day of your initial consultation.
  3. Insurance.
    We request that you contact your insurance company to see if your policy covers weight loss surgery. When speaking to your insurance company, it is important that you ask them for specific criteria required for your approval. Examples of insurance company requirements include 6 months to 3 years of medically supervised weight loss attempts or medically supervised exercise programs.
  4. Initial Evaluation.
    At this visit the Physician Assistant will review your medical and weight loss history. Your height, weight and BMI will be measured. You will be given a thorough overview of the procedure. If you qualify for the surgery and elect to proceed, you will watch a short video discussion of surgical risks, then meet with one of the surgeons to further discuss the procedure.
  5. Nutrition Education.
    All patients are required to meet with our bariatric nutritionist. Topics to be discussed include your relationship with food, the foundation of a healthy meal, the importance of protein and more.
  6. Psychological Evaluation.
    Pre-operative psychological assessments are required for all patients. Our clinical psychologist may provide you with a treatment plan which you must satisfy before you are approved for surgery.
  7. Consultations.
    Some patients may be given other requirements which must be completed prior to approval for surgery. All patients are required to sign a check off list of program expectations. Examples include consultations with other medical specialties (e.g. pulmonary, cardiology, and endocrinology) smoking cessation or weight loss goals. These requirements must be met before you will be scheduled for surgery.
  8. Assignment of surgery date.
    When our office has received insurance approval and you have met all other requirements, you will be given a surgery date. Pre-operative appointments will be scheduled.
  9. Pre-operative nutrition visit.
    The nutritionist will go over specifics of the post-surgical bariatric diet with you. You will also have your metabolic rate measured.
  10. Pre-operative history and physical.
    An appointment will be scheduled in the surgery clinic for a physical exam. You will be seen in anesthesia, have blood drawn and go through pre-admitting to complete all pre-surgical procedures and paperwork.
  11. Surgery.
    When the day finally arrives, we are confident you will be well prepared to start your weight loss journey.

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