Hearing Protection

Despite popular belief, 65 percent of individuals with hearing loss are under the age of 65. Hearing loss is often linked to damage suffered from exposure to excessively loud noise. That's why it is so important to use hearing protection around loud sounds...no matter what your age.

Gundersen Health System offers hearing protection ranging from foam ear plugs to military-grade stock ear plugs to custom-made products, and for a variety of applications and environments, such as:

  • Firearms
  • Manufacturing/construction/farming
  • Home workshops/power tools
  • Musicians and concert goers
  • Car and motorcycle racing
  • Yard/grounds keeping (lawn mower, leaf blower, chainsaw)
  • Recreational vehicles

Custom-made hearing protection*

A custom fit makes earplugs more comfortable so you're more likely to use them. A better fit also provides significant reduction in the decibel level reaching your ears.

Custom earplugs for musicians and concert goers*

Musician's earplugs are the right choice for the performing musician or avid concert goer. The noise reducing properties let you hear your music accurately, but at a safer level. Different filters are available for alternatives of sound reduction.

Combat Arms Earplugs*

These earplugs provide two kinds of protection. The yellow ends have a calibrated filter that allows "hear-through," to hear conversation or footsteps, rifle bolts and other sounds that alert you to others nearby. The plugs' filters react for instant protection against high-level noise like gunshots. The second, the olive ends provide passive protection against constant loud noise similar to traditional earplugs.

Other hearing protection*

Our stock hearing protection devices include: Roll-down Foam Plugs with NRR of 33 dB, Push-in Foam Plugs with NRR of 28 dB, Pre-molded Ear Plugs with NRR of 25 dB, and Earmuffs with NRR of 27 dB. Available in infant and child sizes as well as adult. NOTE: Larger NRR (noise reduction rating) = better protection


These floatable molds keep water out of the ears-especially important for children with middle ear tubes.

*These products are recommended to help reduce the impact of loud sound on your hearing. A complete hearing evaluation is also recommended.

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