Custom Earbuds

The size and shape of your ears are unique, so why settle for ill-fitting, uncomfortable one-size-fits all ear buds?

Gundersen Health System will make customized ear buds for you. Custom-fit ear buds stay in place better. With less sound escaping from your ears and less interference from outside noises, you can better hear and enjoy your music - without having to crank up the volume.

Custom earbud and headphone attachments - Gundersen Audiology
Custom earbud and headphone attachments - Gundersen Audiology

Maximize the listening experience with custom ear buds:

  • Custom crafted to fit your ears precisely
  • Superior sound quality
  • Long-wearing comfort
  • Reduce distracting external noises
  • Can listen at lower volumes and help protect your hearing
  • Stay securely in your ears when walking, jogging or riding
  • Available in cool colors

*A baseline hearing test or audiogram is recommended (but not required) especially for children and young adults. This test can also be scheduled through Audiology. Find out what you will learn from this test.

Custom earbuds for personal listening devices

Personal music players can have profound effect on hearing. For example, a quarter of iPod users listen at volumes loud enough to cause hearing damage.

  • How loud is too loud?
    Hold your earphone out about eight inches from your ear. If you can still hear the music, the volume may be too loud.

Customized earbuds fit better so less sound escapes from your ears and there's less interference from outside noises. You can enjoy listening to music, movies and games at lower volumes.

Custom earbud and headphone attachments

These custom-made ear molds couple to your current earbuds and headphones for improved fit and sound quality. Ideal for hands-free phones, pilot headset and stethoscopes.

Ear3 sound level tester

MP3 players and iPods are popular, but can damage your hearing. There's now an easy way to find out if the volume on your device is set too high. It's called the Ear3.

The Ear3 is easy to use. You place the ear bud on the Ear 3 to and watch the lights to see if you need to turn the volume down to a safe listening level. Green means you're safe; red means the volume needs to be adjusted.

Test your device today for free at the Gundersen Audiology department.

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